Physical Security

Cyber Security


Virtual Mobile Infrastructure solution for BYOD

Enterprise VMI

A remote enterprise work environment for BYOD which stores zero data on the mobile device, for a safe and secure mobile working environment.



Connecting you when no one else can

Connecting beyond network reach

An infrastructure-independent and infrastructure-expanding wireless communication solution for mobile users, based on mesh technology to enable high quality voice and data exchange

Why choose Add-On APAC
Innovative Solutions?

We understand APAC markets and their specific needs for Innovative Technologies

We identify leading-edge technologies needed in APAC markets, and selectively partner with them

We build an APAC Strategy for our Innovative partners, and execute it as their APAC subsidiary of choice:

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    Develop APAC go-to Market strategy

  • Connector.

    Create demand and attract thought leading customers

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    Employ a core team of skilful Sales and technical people

  • Connector.

    Build, train and support distribution channels

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    Execute sales, installation and ongoing maintenance

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    Provide product integration and other professional services

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    Bring unique product marketing insight

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    Provide a complete office, legal, accounting and administration suit

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