FST Biometrics offers a secure access solution that is non-invasive, fast and accurate. Utilizing advanced In Motion Identification™ technology, FST Biometrics provides a seamless secure access experience that is fast and efficient.

With IMID Access, authorized users do not have to slow down, sign in or stop. Rather, they are identified in motion, and granted seamless access to buildings and facilities. IMID Access means that there is no slowing down or stopping. Authorized users simply walk through, while unauthorized users are barred access.

FST Biometrics emerged as a leading player in the biometric identification market by pioneering In Motion Identification (IMID) access, a multimodal verification solution for instant, seamless, and non-invasive verification. This patented solution employs a fusion function algorithm that leverages both physiological and behavioral patterns to identify the subject – even when in motion – and to evaluate access eligibility.

FST Biometrics constantly enhances the behavioral and physiological profile of an individual through repetitive analysis, memorization, and adjustment, enabling FST Biometrics to achieve remarkable performance, with a false acceptance rate (FARs) of 3 out of 10,000 cases.

As a result, FST Biometrics was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the visionary award for leading the marker in biometrics based in motion identification.


About FST Biometrics

FST Biometrics is a leading identity management solutions provider. The company’s IMID™ product line offers access control through its proprietary In Motion identification technology. This provides the ultimate security and convenience for users, who are accurately identified without having to stop or slow down. IMID™ solutions integrate a fusion of biometric and analytic technologies that include face recognition, body behavior analytics and voice verification. For more information, please visit http://www.fstbm.com.


About Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions

Add-On APAC Innovative solutions offers converged physical, cyber and communication security solutions. Operating across the Asia Pacific region, we harness advanced products and ground-breaking technologies and help our customers transform the way they protect people, information and assets. Learn more about us at http://www.addonapac.com.



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