New Values
from Physical Security

A Different
Approach to
Cyber Security

Are you starting to doubt

the value of your card-based access control system, based on 35 year-old technology? How about your Video surveillance? Anyone watching it? Do you see any real value coming
from your investment?

Our approach

to physical security infrastructure is
to extract new, exciting values out of it.
You don’t need to rip and replace. Simply
Add-On the revolutionary applications.
And if you plan to install new infrastructure –
go directly to the 21st century!

How well are you protected

against Cybercrime? Can you afford the time and money to mount a proper defence for your assets-against the major threat of this era?
Do you know how to do so quickly,
efficiently and at minimal cost?

Our approach

to cyber security has one golden principle: guiding our customers to solutions requiring minimal investment in infrastructure, and close to no in-house knowledge requisite.
The seemingly effortless approach results in a drastic, overnight improvement of the security level (seriously, overnight!)

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    Transform security

    levels and revolutionize user experience with the revolutionary biometric IMID (In-Motion IDentification) solution from FST Biometrics –
    Access at the speed of life.

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    Welcome guests

    and visitors with the most professional and convenient way to enter your premise securely, with IMID Visit.

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    Enhance attendance

    reporting with accurate in/out logging and speedy shift change in large workplaces using IMID Time and Attendance.

  • IMID Access is the ultimate fusion of biometrics identification technology to provide seamless, non-invasive and accurate identification for secure access at the speed of life.

    Add-On APAC is FST Biometrics‘ associate partner in Asia Pacific.

  • Intelligence-grade secured working environment
    Kazuar provides a comprehensive top-level secured working environment – comparable to those of leading worldwide intelligence organizations.

    Add-On APAC is Kazuar’s associate partner in Asia Pacific.

  • IntactPhone – In-depth protection across mobile wiretapping threats.
    CommuniTake delivers the most complete Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Total Care and Secure Device solutions suite.

    Add-On APAC is CommuniTake’s associate partner in Asia Pacific.

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    Prepare your organization for a Cyber-attack

    Our professional consultation will build your team’s confidence and implement mitigation protocols. We will help you get ready for that rainy day with methods, plans, roles and responsibilities, internal and public communication and crisis management protocols.

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    Secure your mobile

    communications with IntactPhone – the world’s most secure mobile phone, and manage your mobile fleet with CommuniTake‘s mobile device management solution.

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    Protect sensitive

    activities (R&D project, M&A, IP) from insider and cyber risks with the most advanced state-of-the-art, yet simple to use, Kazuar solution.

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    Stop cyber attacks

    on your organization before they are ever launched, by gathering intelligence on looming attacks with our Cyber Actionable Intelligence service.