About Us

Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions is a boutique, value creating bridge between APAC markets and high growth, innovative technology leading companies.

We endeavour to bring value to our customers and technology partners:

  • By facilitating the adoption of transformative, cutting-edge innovative solutions, we help our customers “Add-On” unique technology differentiation- thus creating and sustaining leadership and competitive advantage in their respective markets and industries.
  • By fast-tracking the adoption of innovative solutions and products, we help our technology partners gain invaluable market presence and recognition. We help them “Add-On” an Asia-Pacific strategy-thus significantly increasing their market reach and enhancing their growth potential.

We are a team of highly experienced professionals, with a burning passion to be recognised by our customers, channel and technology partners for our unique contribution to their success. We are masters of technology introduction and market penetration into Asia Pacific markets. “Innovative Solutions”, literally, is our middle name.

We are the Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions team, and we are the best at what we do!

Our Mission

To be a value-adding bridge into Asia-Pacific for innovative, technology based solutions.


Established in 2013, Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions is a privately held company, targeting both the Asia-Pacific markets and innovative, transformative technology-based solutions and products.

Founded by Moshe Ashkenazi, a veteran of the High–Tech industry and of the APAC markets, and headed by a group of equally experienced and professional leaders, we are a subsidiary of choice for companies with unique solutions that fit the needs of APAC markets. Our passionate team, located in our subsidiaries across APAC, is composed of people with extensive technological ability, as well as strong market and delivery capability.

Since its establishment, Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions has won the recognition and the repeated business of leading customers in the region: Governmental, Telecommunications, Utilities, Energy, Enterprise, Real-Estate, Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturers, and has partnered with some of the best system integrators and local channels to provide excellent coverage and ensure customer success.